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Geometrical Set Question


New member
hi everyone

Let me please tell you that I'm working with Geneartive shape surface module I receivedone CAD modelinigs file formatthen I break upthe model in parts using geometrical set

inside of each geometrical setI tried toremove gapssurfaceswhit healing surface and finally I did a join surface

whatI'm looking for is to have a whole closedsurface but when I try to link the geometrical set between each otherthe modelbecame in a mess

mi question is how should I work in catia with many geometrical set to assembly the whole modelto haveone model closed? how should I work with many geometrical set to have control of what I doing?

thank you all and hope please to have news from you

see you in advance

You can use as many GS as you wish. Just create a join(in a new GS to keep your tracks) between all surfaces that you need. After you made this join check it for gaps -i none go to PD and use Close Surface command, select your joined surface=>the solid
Thanks somuch gvi70000

You gave me good answer thank you somuch again

see you in advance

all the best



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