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geometric sets


New member
I just had a 3D laser scan done on a former. The scan is an IGS file. When I load the file in CATIA v5 release 17 and attempt to edit the file I get the message "the current in work object isn't a body" The reason I am getting this message is because the file has a geometric set which is made up of over 400 surfaces. Is there any way to transform all these surfaces into one surface. This way I can edit the whole former in one pass as opposed to one surface at a time? I added the string V5V17MaxSimplif=1 to my environment file but to no avail.

Thank you for your time.
Hi Vas,
you state that the iges file already contains surfaces, so someone has done the tough part and has created the surfaces which form a closed volume?
if thats the case, goto part workbench->insert->surface based features->closed surface. right click in the object to close field and select create join, now select all surfaces using box selection. if there is no gap between surfaces, it will create a solid part.

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In Generative Shape Design workbench, you can join all surfaces, just click on command and you can select surfaces from tree as well as by clicking on surfaces.
In catia, when you import an iges file, the main surface will break in all its pathes (if it consists of patches). Its good to use step files instead of iges in Catia. (as my expreiance said)
My attempt to close the object as per solidworms advice proved to no avail. I ran the surface connection checker in the healing assistant and it found only 3 border related anomalies. The object i want to close has three circular openings one at the top and two at the bottom. These borders were clearly highlighted by the surface conection checker. But I know the close operator can close an object with open ends.How can this be? Do i need to define the borders somehow?
Thank you for your time and experince.
could you upload file here?? so I can check what is wrong and what you want to do???
thank you for the offer Zaki but unfortunately this is a clients file and i cannot post it on a forum. However i can email the file directly to you. As for what i want to do thats simple. i just want to close the form with the close operator in the part workbench - so i can get a solid. easily said than done. If you want i could give you my email address.
hi u go to start-shape-digitized shape editor application and then u import that iges file. after that u go change application called quick reconstruction (start-shape-quick reconstrution) in that workbenches u find automatic surface command. after the dialog box appear, u select iges file and change the values on that dialog box bcoz of surfaces finish and u click privew and click ok.


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