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Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing


New member
I am slowly learning how to apply GD&T to my part so that it shows up in my drawings when I show dimensions. However, I am profiling a particular surface and one of the options under the Symbols tab of the Geometric Tolerance window is SET BOUNDARY. However, the option is greyed out. I believe I have to set the boundary in my part but I am not sure how. I have a front view of my drawing and am applying a profile tolerance along a surface between two points. I have referenced a GD&T manual and the symbology is

X Y with a double arrow in between. This is placed under the GD&T reference frame. If anyone can help please let me know. I realize there is an option for ALL-AROUND on profiling but I was curious as to applying the boundary constraint.


In case this is not a day late and dollar short forget about checking the boundary box, or set boundary.It's not going to happen. I think you have the profile tol ok. All you need is under the box (Profile tol box) write BETWEEN PT A & PT B or A <-------> B. Hope this helps.


In 2000i^2's Pro/Detail module, there was no way to show an all around symbol. I used a .06 diameter circle and moved it to the vertex of the callout leader. The move was done by eyeballing it. Then you should Relate the sketched circle (all around symbol) to the leader line in that view. This will prevent the circle from being lost when you move the view.

If you want to do a from A to B specification, you can sketch a chain line between where points A and B are. This makes it so there is no misuderstanding on the drawing. To make the chain line in drawing mode, use Sketch mode to offset the object lines, say, .06-.09. If you can't create the chain line style directly, create solid lines first then change their styles to chain. Again, you may want to Relate the sketched lines to the view so that if you move the view they will go with it.

Was this clear?

H. Bruce Jackson

aka Tunalover
I forgot to mention I am using 2001. In Profile Tol we do have the option to pick All Around Symbol. The placement of the Tol will tell you what area is between PT X & PT Y.