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Geo Tol


New member
I have 2 problems related to Geo. Tol:-

1] When I place gtol with leader (attached at wit.line of a dim) the gtol box appears horizontal. Is their any way by which I can make it parallel to dim? ( note:- dim is inclined and I want both leader and gtol box to be parallel to dimension)

2] I want to attach 2 or 3 leaders with one geo tol box ( leaders attached to diff dimension which have the same gtol and I want to combine all in one so that I do not have to write gtol for each dim separately). How to do it.

Thanks in advance

I do not think you can change the orientation of the gtol box.

However if you want to attach the same gtol to several surfaces or edges you can do that at the time of selecting the edges or surfaces that are to be controled by the tol. click on all of the edges, or surfaces, one at a time then done return, after, select the placement of the gtol.
Hi Dougr

We have done 2D to 3D conversion for one of our client. Now I have to generate same style of 2D from my 3d Model. I am also suppose to give tolerance in same style. It is difficult to convince the client that something which can be done in AutoCAD is not possible in Proe. I am trying to upload an image named


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