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Generative Style & Drafting Standards


New member
Hi guys,

I'm trying to customize the Catia drawing sheets to a company standard. I set up a catia running Admin mode and have created the two xml files one each for drafting and generative parameters.
Now if I start a new drawing, these work fine, but if I open an existing drawing which was created in
I believe what you need to do is update the drawing standard, go to File>PageSetup>Standard> and change it to the custom xml that you set up...
hope that helps
thanks for the reply Kurt,

i've changed this to my xml file before and works fine for new drawings created.
What i am trying to do it update existing drawings which were created in the standard Catia styles to my custom style.
So with the views themselves, i select all of them, properties, then change the "Generative view style" to my custom one, this updates all the views to my custom style, but only linetypes, colours etc, the dimensions, text etc are unaffected.
Thanks for your help
yes, you updated the "generative style" but the "drafting" standard is tied to the .CATDrawing. when you create a new CATDrawing you select your custom "drafting" standard, probably a modified ISO, or ANSI standard?

did you modify and xml in here: Dassault Systemes\B19\intel_a\resources\standard\drafting ?

or just here: generative; Dassault Systemes\B19\intel_a\resources\standard\generativeparameters ?

to update the "drafting" standard on an existing CATDrawing, you have to go into: File>Page Setup>Standard (pull down)...

hi guys Could you please help me how to create XML file in Catia V5 for creating drafting stds. can anyone explain me by steps.


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