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General Rules



General Rules

Let's follow a few rules while posting messages in the forums:

1. No profanity whatsoever.

2. Remember, we're professionals.

3. No advertising. It is ok to mention a company or website in the context of the original thread. Random or out of place advertising or promotion is not appropriate.

4. No flaming, period. Suggestions, differences of opinion, and humor are always welcome and appreciated, but flaming should not be tolerated.


1. n. A hostile, often unprovoked, message directed at a participant of an internet discussion forum. The content of the message typically disparages the intelligence, sanity, behavior, knowledge, character, or ancestry of the recipient. 2. v. The act of sending a hostile message on the internet. 3. adj. Having the character of a flame, as in, flame war. [/list]

5. Do not double post.

6. Post messages in their proper place.

7. Please keep the topics related to Pro/E.

8. Any reference to any cracked software is prohibited.

Thank you, and enjoy!


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