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Genarate Solid Airfoil thru sections???


New member

Should I be using a varable section sweep to generate a solid airfoil through sections ???? or is there a better way?

Thanks for your help in advance.
Depends on a bunch of things:

Are your sections planar ?

Is the resulting surface to be a ruled surface ? (i.e. straight trajectory).

Are your sections created from point data or are they sketched ?
The airfoil I am trying to model does not have to be exact.

The sections are planar.

There is a twist in the airfoil as the sections progress upward.

Sections are sketched.

Thanks agian.
Assuming the surface is ruled then a General Blend is an excellent selection.

Sections can be sketched or selected (i.e. select an existing datum curve).

Note that each section must have the same number of geometric entities..
if there is a twist you have a problem with one of the start points, each section should have the same vertex, same arrow direction, same number of verices. also use smooth blend, straight will give you a boxy look.


It's possible to have an identical number of vertices but a dissimilar number of entitities between sections - Pro/E requires the same number of entities.

Arrow direction doesn't have any meaning in General Blends.


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