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GeForce 4 and ProE


New member
I have a question about my system that has graphics problems with a GeForce Ti4400 (128 megs of RAM) running on as system with an Athlon XP 2000+ processor and with 526 megs of RAM. The OS is WinXP Home (too cheap to buy Pro). Two bugs are slight annoyances, one makes ProE very difficult to use.

When I rotate a part, the rotation is smooth, but little black boxes pop up in the window, kinda like static. Also, I can't used crtl+D or crtl+A to go to default view or activate a window. I don't use any other keyboard short cuts, so I don't know if they work or not, but I have no problem using crtl to pan, spin, or zoom.

The major problem comes in scetcher mode. The lines all show up without a problem until I try to draw more lines, circles, points, arcs, etc. Then they dissapear on me. When I click on the pointer or go to create constraints/dimensions, then all the lines show up just fine again. This makes drawing a very tedious process because I'm never sure of what I'm drawing until I finish.

Any help?

P.S. I was opening some other files made by other people and for a while, all the bugs disappeared, but came back when I opened parts I made. Could it be a problem with the config file?
As mentioned right above your post, I have new drivers. The flickering disappears. I still lose all of my drawing lines in scetcher mode when I attempt to add to them (draw more lines, circles, arcs, etc.). The lines remain if I'm adding constraints or dimensions or if I'm just moving lines/points around the screen.
i'm also having problem with my system.. i'm now running proe2001 on a compaq presario 900ap with an open GL graphic card runnign on a athlon xp 1800+ processor and 256MB of ram.

i don't have any problem opening files, editting and make modification.. the problem comes when i go to sketching mode and back to normal mode..

an example, i created a protrusion, went to sketch mode and back.. and back to normal mode (where the sketching plane is facing with the screen). from this point, the moment i spin the model, the system hangs for a while, blue screen appears telling me that it's dumping physical memory and restarted.

upon restarting, winXP will tell that it has just recover from a seriou error... blah blah blah..... it generated error log that says that the display devise driver is stuck in an infinite loop.

compaq customer service ask me to update the display driver but the same problem still persist.. reinstalling the sofeware also don't give much of help either...

anyone with answers?? and a lot of thanks...
A friend of mine is having problems even opening ProE on his Athlon system (don't know the specs). Are all these problems due to the Athlon Processor (I never had a problem with Intel or on a Sun workstation)?

But that wouldn't explain why the problem went away when veiwing certain parts.



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