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G2 rounds


New member
We need more sophisticated rounds. Conic round is not enough, we need G2 function there. Like UGS does.

Rounds are not perfectly continued surfaces.

Round selection: tangent, conic, G2


New member
If you need that much control over your highlights maybe you should try building your rads in isdx. That way you tweak your highlights by changing the length of tangency on your curves. If you are using wildfire you can do it rendered or shaded realtime and not have to wait for regeneration. I dont bother with rads anymore unless its for non show surfaces.

It would be nice to have a button to do this but then you cant tweak them.



New member
I know I can do it with isdx. You cannot replase round fuctionality with isdx. Round sets are very easy to finish your designs. If rounds can achieve G2, it would be nice.


New member
I two wish for G2 rounds. It is not always the same building rounds as surfaces but it is what we are stuck with. I am willing to be the kurnel has g2 rounds there but the interface does not write that deep into the code. My bet.

What do you both think of the multi leg 'D1 D2 Conic rounds in Wildfire? and how do you build aprox composit curves in wildfire. I always turn back to 'legacy' to get it.

Bart Brejcha