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G code for Pro-E manufacturing


New member
wasup yall

I have a question. I used the Proe E manufacturing module to set up machining, and got the G code in .tap file... Its missing a lot of commands such as coolant off/on, spindle off/on... G90 absoulute mode, M9, M5 etc.

This is my first time using the manufacturing module, and i tried my best to find how i can include these commands in the Gcode.. Can't find it anywhere.. Can someone help me on this please.




New member
Uuuh, do you use G-post to code your program? One of the pre-installed posts, I suppose - which one? What's your machine?



New member

I am using the HAAS VF2 turning center. What i understand is that i might have to modify the controller somehow, and i don't know how. Are you aware of anything like this?


New member
If your not sure how to modify the g-post codes for processing it may be wise to request a post written specifically for your machine.. This can be pricey but we found that modifying the exsisting posts takes too long as it can require alot of tweaking.

Posts for pro can be downloaded from ptc or purchased from a reseller of pro/e