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Function of datum axis in drawing mode?


New member
I'd like to Insert a reference dimension in an assembly drawing from the edge of one part to a datum axis in another. I can't even get the axis to display in drawing mode. I've check the layers settings of the drawing, the part and the view, I've got the view axis toggle selected in the tool bar and still no axis display.

I tried using menu select but only datum planes seem to get listed, no datum axis.

I've tried selecting the feature from the menu tree and that just exits you from the dimension command.

Do I need to go and put a point in the part file before I can create the desired dimension?

Bernie Hayden

Since you didn't explicity state this... did you try View / Show & Erase to display the axis in your particular view?

Unlike regular datum planes & curves, axes need to be explicitly shown on drawings using this dialog box (along with GTOLS, set datums, cosmetics, etc.)



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