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From Windows NT to Windows 2000


New member
I recently was moved over from Windows NT to Windows 2000. And since then, my Pro/E has been running considerably slower. Assemblies I had with NT now spin extremely slower with 2000, plus the graphics quality is quite poor, such as jagged edges. Granted, my machine is couple years old. Is there maybe something in my config. files I have to change or is Windows 2000 much more of a power hog therefore reducing my performance??

My Computer Stats: Dell Precision 420

PIII 933 MHz


NVidia Riva TNT2 32.0 Mb


New member
the virtual memory idea is good but you may want to go out on the internet driver hunting. Since you are using a Dell I would check Dell's site first for Windows 2000 drivers for any of your hardware. Dell built your PC with the intention of it running windows NT, which means it only came with NT drivers. Unless you already located and installed an Nvidia driver for your graphics card is most likely using generic windows drivers right now, if this is the case you are probably using less than half of it's capabilties.


New member
I am sorry because I will speak against my friend adicar, but that (1.5Gb) large amount of swap will maybe make your machine slower. Ordinary swap must be twice of your amount of ram and that mean that your swap can be around 1 Gb. Also


New member
My first question is did you do an upgrade or a format and reinstall when you went from Win NT to Win2K?

I would format the harddrives and do a fresh Win2K install

To upgrade WinNT is nice and easy but you will leave behind allot of rubbish and left overs from the WinNT install. Drivers and system files are left behind and all sorts of nasty things could be happening.

I am running 2001 on a 667 Mhz machine under WIn2K and ProE runs a treat (subjectively it seems more responsive and definitely more stable). Speling says you could probably loose the graphics card in favour of a better one and I would agree with that (I'm using a geforce 2 GTS and it also runs pretty sweet.

I would also recommend no more than 1 Gig of swap, any more is just a waist of hard drive space.

Unless your using mega big assemblies (And I mean really B I G)

You may have to experiment with graphics card drivers to get the results, but your system should run better under Win2K than WinNT


New member
We have a 733 with 768 ram and an old 32 meg vxi video card and 2001 works pretty well on it. I havent had much luck with nvidia cards and have just upgraded to a vp990 pro with 512 ram. Its overkill for most work but our assemblies are quite large.

I would double check that you are runnning in open gl mode.

Type graphics in your and there are a few settings you can choose. Make sure you are not using win32_gdi instead of opengl. You probably arent, but its worth a look.