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From Wildfire to NX2 or 3


New member
Just getting used to my new 'digs'.

I had been using Pro/E for last ~4-5 years. I'm switching over to UG.

After ~1.5 days:

Modeling: ok, I just need to learn the UG 'way'.

Drafting: Can't I tie dimensions to sketches/features?

Manually create ~all dimensions.... huh?!?!

Does the UI change going to NX3?

Can somone point me to a good referenece text/tutorial?

I want UG to work for me as well as Wildfire 2 does.


Jeffrey Atwood


New member
Hi Jeff

I'm the same boat as you are - I've been a Pro/E weenie for 12 years and just had to switch to NX.

After a few weeks of self-learning, I am starting to really like NX. You just have to figure out it's quirks. The software itself is incredibly robust and never crashes - as opposed to PTCs legendary sh*tty first few builds of a new release constantly crashing. We went thru 4 builds of WF2 before it even approached stability.

The hardest thing to get used to is the incredible flexibility. There are many options for every operation. It usually defaults to the most common procedure, but it never forces you into a particular path. It can be overwhelming compared to Pro's "do it my way" approach. But I've been very successful at making work pretty much the same way I worked in Pro.

The biggest advice I would offer up front is to be sure that when you create a feature, you select the boolean operater (unite, subtract, ect) before you hit the middle mouse button to finish the feature. If you don't you'll end up with a new solid body and have to "unite" it with the target body. Then the model tree fills up with all these "unite" events and gets messy. I prefer to embed the operation within the feature.

If you do forget to perform the boolean while building the feature the workaround is to make the sketch "external" then select it from the model tree and then select Extrude, revolve, etc. You can now go back and redefine the boolean operator and if you like, make the skech internal again.

I hope this is not too confusing. But in my (ahem) humble opinion, this is a very capable product.

Good luck and please post any learnings, tricks etc here.

Ed Acciardi


New member

I would suggest you goto the web site http://www.designviz.com/ and check out some of it's books on UG. As you have no doubt found out, external books/documentation are kinda scarce but this site has a couple of really good books on Modeling and such.

Hope this helps.



New member
~1 year update

I DO NOT like UG at all...dare I say it SUX!!

I use NX4 daily.

I'm going back to Pro/E as soon as I possibly can.

I am not too impressed with the books at designviz.com, these are too basic for anyexperienced CAD user. I bought one.



New member
Hi Jeffery

I have the same problem as you. I have worked with proe for 11 years before switching to NX4 for 9 months. I still believe that proe is a better tool, especially with rehards to large assy management techniques like simplified reps etc. I miss the associativity of sketches in the drawing mode. I eventually decided to make peace with UG. Best thing is to explore the functionality. Play around with menus. Place all icons on the toolbar, so u can the functionality. I still think that proe is much better. The training on UG is very limited as compared to proe. The config file in proe allowed for more versitilty as opposed to the customer defaults file in proe. Unfortunately here in South Africa the support on UG is not that great, as was PTC's support. There are somethings that UG does better than proe, but proe does much more better than UG with less mouse clicks. I still believe that sketches are better than using primitives in UG, it gives you more command of your model. A best way is to write out a comparative list: Typically a shell feature in proe is a hollow feature in UG, make a list of these commands. Its the best way to learn UG.



New member
You can get on line training for UG for $25.00 at www.myigetit.com

Basic, advanced, assemblies, free form, sketcher, manufacturing and post builder courses and the part files. This is a 1 year subscription

BTW you can place sketch dimensions on a drawing in NX.

First add the view to the drawing that is in the same plane as the sketch.

While in drafting select insert feature parameters and pick the sketch from the list of features, you can also select holes

Now the sketch dimensions are copied to the drawing.

If you have the environment variable UGII_DRAFT_EXPRESSIONS_OK set to 1

you can select tools expressions and the pick a sketch dimension, that you placed on a drawing, and changet the value to update the modelfrom drafting. Not as elagant as Pro/E but it does work.

I must adnit as along time user of UG that the sketcher in Pro/e is superior.


John Joyce

[email protected]

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New member
I do agree that UG has flexibility.... I have just switched to UG from Pro e after very long time. My comment is simple... Pro/e works for me to complete the design, and UG extracting work form me.<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />

Pro/e has a unique way to go and it takes me there. UG has a messy way and asks me every time in every corner how to go?



New member
UGNX or NX's options file is huge and by default most of the settings that are useful like the one listed in John's post are disabled

If you have the environment variable UGII_DRAFT_EXPRESSIONS_OK set to 1
you can select tools expressions and the pick a sketch dimension, that you placed on a drawing, and change the value to update the modelfrom drafting. Not as elagant as Pro/E but it does work.
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I used to hate UG as well but in NX2 they started doing away with partial parametrics.
For instance: A point created 50% along a curve would become a point at X,Y,Z before NX2 now it gives you a parameter.

In fact I used to have a sign posted by my desk which read. "UG = Useless Geometry"

Since NX2 UGNX has improved tremendously and has added the "Synchronous Technology" capabilities of direct modeling without needing to sell you another Software like Creo-Pro in addition to Creo-Direct.

I last used UGNX a few years back but may request a demo copy soon to check out the latest offerings.

PS If Proe / Creo is so great why are so many companies jumping on the NX bandwagon?