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Freezing of views

In drawing mode:

Views > Modify View > Snapshot

It changes your view into non-associative, non-parametric line segments. You can then group them together. Once you snapshot a view, there is no reversal.
If your purpose is to view changes from a previous drawing rev then you can create a pic file to preserve the previous drawing.

This pic file can then be used as an overlay so you can view any changes.

Can somebody explain to us why somebody what's the purpose on freezing a view ?

It would be very interesting for other proe users i think

I've used it in a case where I created a outline drawing of machine.

By taking a snapshots, we don't have to fetch whole machine to work on the drawing and we need to add 'created dimensions' which does not have to go into assembly model.

Also we sketched in some phantom lines for opening of doors and dimensioned it.


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