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FREE Product Safety Symbol Catalog


New member
This catalog contains 30 Signal Panel symbols in three different font styles and 141 Symbol Panel symbols (see attached .jpg file). The Symbol Panel symbols were downloaded from the AEM (AEM | Safety - Pictorial Database) website in DXF format. DXF format is useful but hardly useable because the imported DXF file contains small line segments instead of arcs which increases the file size and makes it difficult to close boundaries. The good news is all the symbols contained within this catalog have been redrawn. The small line segments have been replaced with arcs, and all sketches are iso-constrained.

You can download it all free from my website at Solid Engineering Solutions, CATIA V5. All parts were created using CATIAV5 R21.

I hope you enjoy these symbols as much as I did creating them. Question, comments, and suggestions are always welcomed.

Thank You