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Free & Installed Models???


New member
I need to create a drawing & model of a flanged bushing in it's free as shipped state for purchasing to order the part. I also need to have a installed model as well to assembly in to my assembly. The way it works is after the bushing is installed, the excess material that sticks out past the boss of the part, is rolled over the boss. So the bushing is captured in the bore. We don't use family tables where I work, so that doesn't appear to be an option. I tried creating one model with both free & installed features, and put them on layers to switch between the two states. But when I blank a layer with solid features, they don't seem to blank. I also tried using Simplified Reps, that works with the part and drawing, but when you assembly it, you can not choose what Simplified Rep in the part to use in the assembly. Does anyone have any thoughts on this one? Thanks!

One technique is to use a family table. Make a Free instance and a Installed instance. I'm not exactly sure how you are making your part, but let's say for the installed state you have an extra cut and protrusion. In the Free instance, suppress your extra cut & protrusion. Now you can use the Installed state in an assembly and the Free instance in a drawing.

If this gives you problems with the name of the model on a drawing BOM, read Customizing Information in Repeat Regions in the Articles section of this website.

A note on layers: in Part mode, blanking layers only affects non-solid geometry. For example, if you place a hole feature on a layer and blank the layer, it removes the axis of the hole from the display, but not the hole feature itself.


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