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Free form surfaces


Does anyone know how to reset a manipulated free form surface? I cannot redefine to an unmodified state. I end up having to create another, deleting latter and rerouting all children. It's really annoying!

Thanks if anyone can help.


If you're using Style functionality once you click the check button there is no way to undo the Modified Style curve or surfaces.

You can make several independant copies of the feature and try your changes out on one of the copies then when you get it right do the same on the original.

Another option save often and when it gets messed up erase the current model and when you open the last saved it will be unmodified.

Next time Use the sliders in the menu, and not your mouse, this way you can set them back to zero. As far as I know there is no way to fix it once you mess it up though!

Try with definition, and when you get in to, you have several options in them- you can use a lot of features concerning spline


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