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Free form or Nurb?


New member
Can Anybody help me, how do i recognise Freeform surface from Nurb surface in CATIA. ( i don't have acess to model tree)
There are basicly three types of modelers out there that each 3d CAD program can fit within. Some are hybrid like Maya.

1. Polygons

2. Nurbs - Non Uniform Rational B-Spines


CATIA does the numbertwo of this family of product design software. Solidworks and Pro/E, Alias Studio all fall under number two as well. So to answer your question freeform would be a nurbs surface as well. Years ago when Catia became a parametric modeler we would say: Catia is a specific type of nurbs modeler.... one that is solids and parametric. Same for Pro/E and Solidworks. Where Alias studio is just a nurbs modeler. Maya on the other hand contains all of the above types of modlers into it's engine and a user can convert between each.

Maybe to reword the question because free form surfaces will still be nurbs in Catia.
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Thanks for your info, Yes Nurbs is a Subset of Freeform surfaces, i found it by searching the strings on web.thanks again.
But the question still remains there only. If there are two surfaces in CATIA, then which oneis nurbs & not a nurbs.

1.Nurbs-defined by a parametric equation. & other

2.Asurface which is not defined by a parametric equation.

i don't have acess to model tree & operations.The second surface could possibly a imported surface from a different software, could be that it may have beencreated in some software like 3DSMAX, or some Non-Parametric software.then how do i find Nurbs from the two available software.


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