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Free Catia Tutorial #8 - Rebuild Audi R8


New member
My CATIA tutorial 8- Rebuild Audi R8 (1:1)

- freeform 3D curves
- surface merging & trimming
- disappearing fillets
- solid modeling
- assembly design
- design with a master model
- design in context

You can now download the complete training pdf (9MB) via

read it online
[url] uild-Audi-R8-1-1[/url]

Let'ssee the preview first.

-dickson sham
([email protected])


Edited by: dicksham
Hi Dickson,

I woul like to be thankful to share de AUDI R8 TUTORIAL in name of all the Brazilian engineeringstudents. I`m your big fan, and i`ll waiting the next tutorial to learn more and more.
Hi Mr. Sham,

I hope you get my question!!

your tutorial works perfect with me except for the alignment of the jpg images, when I align the planes, the pics of the front andthe rearbody are not aligned.

I mean if you switch to front view mode, then switch back to rear view mode, the back and the front body of the car are not coincident with each other although that I inserted theimages and aligned the planes according to your tutorial specs.

Please guys if anyone went through the same problem, please advise!!

It is a problem of viewing.



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