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Formatting Text in Tables (WF2)


Well, we made the leap from R20 to WF2. The 2 day WF2 update class was really good. There is just one thing we didn't cover that I can't figure out.

How do I format just a section of text in a table? I can do it in a note like this by selecting just the section I want:

{0:&sym(cherry)}{1: NOTES: }{2:&sym(note_blank)}

But if the same text is in a table I can only pick the whole note. I need to be able to change the font or text height on certain parts of the note. I'm sure there is a way, but I can't find it. The menu mapper doesn't go back to release 20!


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I thought you were never going to make the jump 8^)

I only messed around alittle in WF2 but in WF1 that the way I break my text up to because I have a mapkey to do it from the older revisions.

That's what I would suggest to you, is go back to Rev 20 make a mapkey of that function and go back to WF2.

or copy & paste this mapkey in your config.pro


This should break it down to the brackets




Thanks Brian, that did it. It is wierd that WF2 can execute menu manager commands like that. Nothing shows up on the right side of the screen where the menu manager does sometimes rear it's head but it works. I can even pick blank lines of text just like in R20. Someday this is probably going to quit working when they finally remove the last trace of the menu manager.

You would think there has to be another way but this works for now. Here is the mapkey for text height:


And one for text style

mapkey ms @MAPKEY_LABELMod text Style;#MODIFY;#TEXT;#TEXT STYLE;


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Thanks Doc

Good luck with changeover to Willdfire 2. If you could post some stabilty and nicety (sp?) findings about WF2 I'd be really interested.