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Uni Phil

New member
Does pro/e have template format tables that you can just inport into a drawing and fill in the blanks so to speak.

May seem very basic, but at uni we aren't tought anything on drawing, only modelling.
Yes, there is a folder in the directory where Pro/Engineer is installed, called Templates. Open it and you will see diffrent templates, for drawings, start parts, start assemblies etc.

You can invoke these directly from drawing or set the configuration option. You can make your own template as well.

To choose which format you want to use on which sheet, choose either File > Page Setup or double click on the sheet size at the bottom of the Graphics Area.

A format typically contains graphical entities for the border of your sheet (e.g., zones) and tables with parameters (that's the fill in the blank information). You can create your own formats from the File > New dialog box.

A template typically contains a format and does a lot of things for you automatically, like placing views, dimensions, balloons, etc. onto your drawing. You create a template by starting with a drawing and choosing Applications > Template.

Dave Martin
I've found where the template formats are but can't seem to change the size of it or place it into an existing drawing that I have done.

I'm using wf, and suppose the lazy student is coming through, and I'd rather use a format already created than create my own!! :)