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format disappearing in 2001


New member
Hi Everyone,

Anyone tell me what this means? Started a layout yesterday and used a A1 company border. Started it up today and the borders disappeared and I get a message..... 'A1' DOES NOT EXIST IN DATABASE..... Can anyone help? I don't want to start the drawing again as I've done loads.


The format does not exist in your search path. Your search path is defined in (search_path ...). There is also a setting for formats: (pro_format_dir ...)
Are you using Intralink? I've never gotten the system to recognizethe path to formats in Commonspace. I can browse to them and then they get checked out to the Workspace. Occasionally a drawing format will fail to load. The tables show up but nothing else. Replace format seems to fix it. Sort of annoying but the work around is less painfull than trouble shooting the root cause.

No, am not using Intralink. There is one more thing that has been happening to us on 2001, basically the same thing that is happening to you. If formats are in the current working directory, we will get the format to come up with the drawing, but not the tables on the format. The solution for us is to remove the format from the working directory and get a fresh Read Only copy of the format.
Hi guys,

The work arounds sound good, how do you do them though? Can you explain. I'm not using a PDM at the moment, but hopefully soon will be.


Same here - can't seem to get !pro_format_dir intralink://cs/

to work, hence the exclaimation point remming it out of my


Make sure your search paths are set to look at the location

you set for the option - pro_format_dir ...