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Format Add/Replace


New member
I have created new formats for our company. When I replace the format on an existing drawing the font changes from what I initally set it to in the format. How do I control the format font type when replacing on drawings?

try this.... first replace the old format with an empty one, for example if you used a4, landscape, replace the format with an empty one a4, landscape.

then empty your memory, i think the old settings cause your problem, and then with the same procedure add your format..

i think that everything is ok now

if not don't hesitate to reply again

Xcad...What do you mean by empty your memory? Do mean Save the file with empty format, close it, and Erase Not Displayed?
Give this one a try...

Create a seperate drawing setup file(ex:format.dtl) with the option default_font being set to the font of your interest.

Now set the config option FORMAT_SETUP_FILE with value as path to the 'dtl' file meant for your format.

DN Reddy,RANNVISION,Hyderabad,India
maurya, xcad or anyone... I created a drawing set-up file format_test with the default font set to Filled. I also set the path in the to the location pointing to drawing set-up file fromat_test. I also remove the original format from the drawing and replaced it with an empty format, saved & closed the drawing. Exited pro, restarted and commanded format add/replace and added the new format to the drawing. The drawing tables all fill in with a Leroy font. I still can't figure this one out.

Any suggestions?
i think xcad mean erased not displayed. a drawing will follow the drawing format of the time it is created. if your part is not very complicated, i'd suggest deleteing the drawing and create a new one if you really mind the changes in fonts..
Hi smith

With the help of option FORMAT_SETUP_FILE you can assign a seperate drawing setup file for your Formats.In order to apply the settings of the drawing setup file(the one mentioned as value to the format_setup_file option),you must have to retrieve the same in to the format file it is meant for.

Hope this finds solution for your problem

Dwaraka N Reddy.Manchuri,RANN VISION,Hyderabad,India