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For people already use WF


New member
At last :)

I have decided to by ProE WildFire like a New Year present. I must admit that I have been in wrong when I spoke about Wf until now. I think that I can adjust to newer version of ProE and I will. I think that some features are needles but that is my opinion.

I already check WF, on one machine for testing, and I get results that amazed me even on machine like P II 650 MHZ. I have now totally ok conversion of data for animation trough Alias *.obj file that is quiet enough for good polygonal model in animation. No gaps at all :)

I must pay little attention to adapt myself to new way of work, but all other things is I think same :)

I have several questions for people already use WF significant amount of time.

Is it any config pro option for turning off navigation tab window, because I think that thing is totally unnecessary

Can I gate falling menus like in 2001 or this is what I can get? (I mean right menu for features and other things)

How you solve your amount of time needed for comfortable work in WF. Did you remove ProE 2001 from your computer, or you put them to sit where is it in case of emergency?



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One thing I found out using WF and 2001 on the same machine (WF for eval, 2001 for production) is that the WF installation will add several path variables that may break parts of 2001. In particular the path for temp made it impossible to export items from Intralink. It was OK when I editted the variables to put the 2001 settings last in the listings.



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I'm using Pro/E WF since 6 months and i've used 2001 for 3 years.

The first time I think that 2001 was better than WF but today, I'm sure that WF can us win time.

If you want the same menu than 2001, but it's for me not good to work, you can click application legacy, and so you return to 2001.

For the navigation window, you can edit the (click right in the tools bar) and disable the second option (developp the navigation window by default when loading Pro/E). I don't know if there is an option in the


New member
The problem with the Menu Manager is it's an outdated interface, a holdover from UNIX. It's counter-intuitive (especially for new users), and it forces users to concentrate on the interface rather than on the model.

(People who have used Pro for years are comfortable with the Menu Manager, but all those cascading menus-- not to mention the Done's, Done Select's, and Done Return's-- are a pain!)

Yes, there are more icons in WF, but the right side icons greatly simplify choices when creating features. No more choosing beforehand whether a feature is a cut or a protrusion, whether it generates solid or surface geometry, whether it's 'regular' or thin; just choose the appropriate icon. (I admit, personally, I haven't gotten into the swing of using the editting icons; I still go to the Edit drop down menu.)

The Menu Manager in and of itself isn't bad; but compared to the icons, the graphics area based manipulation, and the dashboard, it's slower and locks users into a rigid set of procedures for manipulating your model. The Menu Manager diverts the user from the model.

But to each his own.


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I forget to write in my first message. I see something called trace and many other new features. That was copied from Studio Tolls, and if that feature (playing with real sketches


New member

i moved to wildfire reluctantly maybe a month ago

i say reluctantly due to the number of crashes i saw my colleages experiencing on it, so i stayed with 2001 as long as i could

we work with complex surfaces/ID models

although i hated the new interface/change of feature names in the first two weeks, i have to say that i have been converted

surfacing using a mixture of isdx and curves and the new

graqhical/mouse interface is so quick compared to old pro surface

even better my models seem to fall over less and nearly always can be solidified for STL/CNC (made solid) :)

there are a few annoyances where full surface/curve manipualtions options arent there.

To be fair to ptc the ISDX options from 2001 to wildfire have got better and supposedly with wildfire 2 near full cdrs/alias functionality will be available

i had been using rhino for concepts but can now do these within isdx in the same time constraints

photolux also allows decent real time rendering (advise upgrade of GFX card!) along with photoshop fo finishing

i dont know ptc strategy as ID must only account for a small % of total revenue, but it would be nice for other feature like available to alias (alias is $$$ for all features)

it would be nice to have some decent animation add on ala alias for pro (easy to use - not mechanisms)

some of the comunication functionality of solidworks would be lovely as well

maybe because proe is made as a design/engineering package not art/visualistion package this will never happen

i have seen pro/concept but seems better just to do the work in pro rather than repeat your work - this may be ok for in-house design but not so much for consultancy where work is billed by the hour

would be nice to use one peice of software for a change instead of 3-4 i think you`ll agree!


New member
Speling. You can run 2001 and Wildfire with the same licence. Once you save something with wildfire you can't go back. I never was real crazy about all of the icons, seems like we are reverting back to heirogliphics, communicating with pictures. Just my opinion.



New member
I am new to WF. installed just before Christmas. We have 3 seats here. 2 work stations are identical but on mine, WF will freeze up. Sometimes after several minutes with large assemblies in session. Other times it will freeze up only after loading WF and only at the front web page with nothing in session. I have a HP X2100, P4, 512mb ram, Wildcat graphics, win 2000 pro service pack 4. Any ideas, I'm at my witts end. Thanks, Greg


New member

Can you try to fly to Xp OS?

I have it and WF work just fine on them. I was installing WF on Xp without SP1 and now I have SP1 and he work just god as earlier


New member
large assembly and 512 ram?

Does this assembly run ok on the other machine with only 512?

I dont have pro open (just outlook and illustrator) and Iam using 275 already.

Do the identical machines have exactly the same software loaded?

Sometimes it can be a simple as running norton or something similar to screw things up.



New member
Thanks Mike,

large assembly and 512 ram?

Does this assembly run ok on the other machine with only 512?

I dont have pro open (just outlook and illustrator) and Iam using 275 already. Answer yes

Do the identical machines have exactly the same software loaded? Hhhmm... probably not identical

Will ghost the other machine and put the ghost on mine and are also looking into maxing out the ram.

Thanks, Greg