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Floating license about Pro/INTRALINK!!!


New member
Whether Pro/INTRALINK must be implemented by installing floating license?

I mean whether i can use locked license to implement Pro/INTRALINK?
Yes - you can use a locked license for Intralink.

Intralink uses the same licensing structure as Pro/E - FlexLM.

Note - There are a couple of types for Intralink - single-site and multi-site - check on about the specs...
I have met a question!

When I install Pro/INTRALINK using locked license, the Pro/INTRALINK client of the computer which also host the file server and data server can connent to the data server, but other computers, I mean, the computers which only install Pro/INTRALINK client cant not connet to the data server. The image attached to this reply indicates what did happened.


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