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Flexible parts in Bill of Materials


New member
Hello all,

I am new to Pro/E, but have learned a great deal from reading the posts on this board. I have an assembly that requires o-rings. The o-rings are modeled to spec, but to make them look correct in the assy I have made them flexible in order to get the installed appearance.

My problem is this. Before the parts were made flexible, they showed up in the bill of materials. After making them flexible, they occupy the same item location, but the balloon and the item are missing.

I have tried, updatingthe table and re-installing them. If I replace them with copies fo the originals that are not flexible, everything works fine.

What do you guys think?


New member

This is from PTC Knowledge Base:

In Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire, Flexible Components may be created in order to show the same model in different configurations. For example, a flexible spring may be modeled as
flexible component so that the same component shows in different states. In a repeat region, flexible components are reported, but BOM Balloons cannot be shown for flexible
Alternate Technique
See Resolution below.
This issue will be addressed in a future version of Pro/ENGINEER.




New member
IF "Flexible Components ...created in order to show the same model in different configurations" BOM Balloons cannot be shown, because different instances of this componenet exist in memory. If only one flexible instance created, for example "o-ringis modeled to spec, but to makeit look correct in the assy" this problem do not appear. If neccessary to use more then one identical instance in assembly, all of them must to be members of one pattern.