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Flex M License.


New member
We are in the process of changing to "Wildchild" and have seen some changes for the good and some changes that must have been done after a few drinks at lunch. I am writing this thread to bitch about the bad changes. First of all everyone that is using "Wildchild" is aware of is removing the "make datum" feature. Pro E what were you thinking when you messed up somthing was so useful? I don't know how you people with real big assemblies handle all of those before unnecessay datums. One of the other changes that we found out about today is with the flex m license. Before when one our machines crashed in "2001" and the license stayed active, all we had to do was do a "ptcflush" well not anymore folks. Now everybody that is active in pro now has to close out and the server has to be shut down and restarted. This was recomended by tech support.Now that was a real smart move, thanks ptc. I really do like "Wildchild" and use it everyday, but some things programmers should leave the hell alone!!!