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flex lm on a palm pilot


New member
I wish I could run Flex Lm on a palm pilot so I could take my licence home with me. I would like to be able to hook it up to my network at home or in the office and use it as a licence server. I guess I could do it with a laptop but I dont like carrying it with me very often. Is it possible to get a hasp or dongle to use with Pro? That would probably be the easiest, but not the coolest.

You can try talking to the people at I believe that they are the producers of the FlexLM license management software that PTC uses for their products. They may have a dongle (or a similar device/software) available, but I'm not sure if it's supported with PTC products.
I have just realised that I dont actually need Flexlm. What I need is a usb network card. The licence is tied to the network card not flex lm so I only need to carry the usb card between sites. It cost about $60 CDN and is as small as a mouse. I will be trying it over the next couple of days.


Does anybody know a company called Cedilla bought later by Globe Trotter itself bought by Macrovision.

This company developped initially the FlexLM license management software and I would like to contact guys who work on that project for my university thesis.


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