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flat sheet metal views in draft


New member
I have a simple sheetmetal part with 1 bend, and a

draft of that part.

how can I bring in a flat view of this part in to my




A simple way to do that is to make a flat sate of your part:

in the part mode

set up > sheet metal > flat state > create > xxx_flat1.prt > fully formed

this will create a flat state saved in the part as an instance.

then go back to the drawing

go into

views > dwg models > add model then select the xxx.prt

in the popup windows the xxx_flat1.prt

this will add xxx_flat1.prt to the drawing.

so you can add flat views of the part.
I agree that is the best way to do it & my favorit.

But if you don't like Generics (some people don't - but they are wrong) you can and an 'Unbend' to the end of your model and then in the drawing use

views> represent> simplify

select the view where you don't want the unbend, Query Sel the unbend and there you go.

You can even add dimensions to both views.

JR's answer is best!