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Flat Cable routing


New member
Would like to be able to route my first point out of the connector using an

Offset with

zero- Left_Right,

zero- Up_Down and

0.5 -straight out

and have all segments be the same length.

to my frustration, after routing one location of the flat cable, it already has a twist. due to routing constraints, am trying to keep flat cable parallel routed in between 2 PCBs

After initial routing of the flat ribbon cable, return to the main Cabling menu.

select Location

under Location select Rotate:

now pick a location point and you can then enter an angle of rotation for this location. experiment around with 90, -90, 180 etc. until the cable segment is oriented as want it to be.
Hi Jh,

I read your post and was curious: How do you make flat cables in Pro/Cabling?

I've been trying without success, and it seems that you know how to do it.

Jeff S.