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Flare Bevel Piece


New member
I'm trying to make an analysis that will measure the joint between a piece of angle iron and a bar, flare bevel welded together. I tried to use a end weld and perimeter weld but neither seemed to work. Any suggestions?

Also just to note I'm familiar with Pro/MECHANICA, just not so much with weld connections. Thanks in advance people!

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New member
To simulate a flare bevel weld you will have to model the weld with geometry. Mechanica cannot create this type of connection. Another way would be to export the assembly to independant mode and create a surface to represent the weld. However, with an assembly this small you would be better off modeling the geometry.



New member
So are you saying I should model the weld and assemble it tothe twoparts or make the rod, weld, and angle all one single piece?
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