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Fitting Surface to point cloud

We at Reichert Opthalmic Instruments are also keenly interested in ways to surface a point cloud. We have a cloud of points (x,y,z)- data being imported from an Excel spreedsheet that we desire to represent as a 3D (enclosed) surface using only the most exterior points. This is to represent the surface of an eye. The differences would be the contour when the surface of interest is planated (from a puff of air as in tonometry and glaucoma check). From the new or comparative surfaces we could simply CONFIRM our math as to reflected ray traces. This has not been PRACTICAL to create surfaces and to attempt to create ultimately controllable ray traces with labels for inputs and outputs. Other smaller software packages have put Pro/E to shame for analysis: Visual Basic, MathCad and MatLab.

So add us to the also interested category!
There's a lot of specialist software out there for converting point cloud data to surfaces and Pro/E is not one of them.

Try looking at some...


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