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finding a proe file in a directory


New member
dear friends,

I feel difficultyin finding required proe file in a directory, as the assembly is having some 50+ parts.is there an option in PROE , so that we can find a file, for example "screwjack.prt" by hitting "s" in the keyboard all the files starting from the letter "s" should be displayed.

if it is there what is the config file for that? please let me know


New member

&nbs p;
I dont think so we have such a way to find files. If the proe has been
built on Windows Platform we would have got that facility. But its not
so, so we cant have such a facility to open files by just
clicking the letter.


New member
You can search all the files in an assemblyusing the tree filter. If you wish to search all files in a group of folders, just use windows search, it works well. Direct it to search "all files type" and where to search.

Good luck



New member
hi saurav,

thanx for your response.but i differ from your way.i dont think it has relevance to the operating system.

if autocad & solid works is having this option, why not only in PROE. i feel like it should be there. can anybody clarify?


New member
hi cfaulk,

my problem is different. i want to find the file through proe application.

see, if u want to open a part file in proe, if u click open, it will show all the files in the working directory. but if i want a file by name "power" , i want the system to respond if i hit "P". so that all files starting with "P" should be displayed in the window.

this is my doubt. is there any option to do like that.


New member

Use 'wildcards'.....
Type p* followed by <enter> in the file open dialog box.

You will get now your 'list' of all the files starting with a 'P'.

PS: This works only for a typical directory... meaning your working directory or a directory to where you have been browsed... it will not work to get a list of files which are beginning with a 'P'who are located in the directories of your search_path setting(s).

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