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Find component in model tree


New member
Just want to make sure I'm not missing something cool; I'd really like to be able to pick a component part in the graphics window and have Pro/E show me that component, buried deep in a sub, in the model tree. Is it possible without having to go thru the Find / Model Name = .... , etc.?


New member
jeff4136 the little box on the bottom of your graphic window i click part instead of smart. i know it doesn't highlight on your tree, but i thought i mention it.


New member
Thanks, pardner. I've got the selection filter down, and it does highlight the component in the model tree but if the part is buried a few sub assy levels deep it won't be seen. Best I've been able to do like that is Select Parent until a visible sub is highlighted, expand it, repeat ... All in all, the Find tool is often as fast.

There's not, per chance, a "Selected" or "Activated" attribute available somewhere in the Find tool, is there?


If you change the model tree display settings to not show features and pick show expand all, you can be sure to find the highlighted part in the tree. Of course, you may have to scroll up & down a lot if you have one of those 3000 part assemblies.


New member
Thanks, dr_gallup. I do tend to forget about the model tree filters.

I just sorta stumbled on the obvious answer. Simply search for any feature in the part that you want the model tree to jump to. For instance...

_ Collapse the Model Tree.
_ <CTRL+F> Start the Find tool.
_ Look for: Feature, Look by: Feature, Name = *
_ Click the Look in: Select button and select the
component in the graphics window.
_ Find Now, transfer an item from the Found to
Selected window and bingo.

Maybe not as slick as a RMB / Find in Tree, but
certainly good enough for me.


New member
I know this is a 5+ year old thread, but here's an icon you can put in your toolbar do do this:

Right-click on your icons, select "toolbars" then the "view" category, and scroll almost all the way down. Therearetwo"one" options, choose the onewith three boxes next to it with the white center box. Click on it and drag it into your icons. This will highlight and expand in the model tree the current part or feature that is selected.


New member
Excellent! I've never tested out those icons to see what they do. Now I'm going to have to prowl around a while. Thanks mekaneck!

ps. I love the handle. Wish I'd thought of it.

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