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Filters in repeat region


New member
Does anyone know the method to continue a line of more than 80 characters in a filter of a repeat region. I have tried, without success,to add \ at the end of line as required in relations.

I am using the following filter

&fam.inst.name=="###","###",...80 character limit.

You cannot include 2 lines with the == filter or it blanks the table, so I must continue the line.

PTC help states there is an eighty character limit but provides no workaround as far as I can see.


New member
Hi Harry,

If the filter condition exceeds 80 characters, it can't be continued in next line.

However use the workaround to restrict the filter condition below 80 characters.

Use * to substitute a series of characters. For example...

&fam.inst.name == 550r1234p1,550r1234p2,550r1234p3,550r1234p4,550r1234p5 ,550r1234p6,550r1234p7,550r1234p8

will not work(as it voilates the 80 character limit).Instead write...

&fam.inst.name == *1234p1,*1234p2,*1234p3,*1234p4,*1234p5,*1234p6,*1234p 7,*1234p8

(Here * substitues 550r)

or you can write this filter as...

&fam.inst.name == *p1,*p2,*p3,*p4,*p5,*p6,*p7,*p8

(Here * substitues 550r1234)

Hope this will find some use for you.

DN Reddy Manchuri, India


New member

Thanks foryour response.

Using the wildcard will certainly help, but it does seem an awkward limit.

It forces further consideration of the family instance naming convention.

Thanks again



New member

You are absolutely right, limiting a text line to 80 charaters may be acceptable but not allowing it to continue to the next line is certainly awkward.

In case of model relations,if the relation exceeds 80 characters it can be broken into two lines by entering a backslash (\) to indicate that the relation continues on the next line.

The PTC guyslet thisallowable at one place and not allowable at another.From this,what my little knowledge can percieve is,the PTC folksmight haveINTENDED FUNCTIONALITY(!!!!) in mind when they are working on Repeat region relations. You can have 32 characters for the name of a part, you don't have any cap on the number of instances that a family table can have, still you have that 80 characters limit and you don't allow it to run in to next line even(surprisingly only in case of Repeat region relations).


New member
You know I have been running Pro for six years and I never
realized there is a 32 character limit on the part name.
Guess I never got that carried away!
How did you get your reply single spaced?


New member
I didn't do any thing special, I am not even aware of that.

It looks like when you hit the the Enter key it is leaving a blank line.On the other hand if you go on typing with out using the Enter key, it is making the message single spaced.