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Filtered items [email protected] & simp reps


New member
I am using 2001. Here is a bit of background on how I got to where I am having a problem:

I am working within a top level assembly (final finish). The smaller assemblies below contain difference variables (for example, one is the 'shape' of the 'box'; the next is the materials it takes to make the box; the next is the coatings to go over the box; the next is anempty file - simply a number to produce a cutout drawing and to allow it to show in the top level assembly drawing; then finally we have a final coating). Each step/file number has it's own simplified rep inside the top level assembly. The 'box' (as I will call the model) is apart file which contains curves, surfaces, points, datums, splines, etc to create thepart. It also contains cutsnear the end of the file, to complete where items are attached to the box.I create two reps inside this part file - 1) without cutsand 2) with cuts. Then, in to top level assembly, I create a simp rep fora step (lets say Step 2) that does not contain cuts. Isubstitutethe box part file as a 'without cuts' version/rep. If it does contain cuts, I substitute using the 'with cuts' version/rep.

Now comes my problem. I create a drawing for Step 2 and select the appropriate simp rep. I filter the region of the files I do not want (I want the files under the subassembly, not the upper level or same level files). I enter the quantities in the required fields. When I click on regenerate, the 'box' file reappears in the region. Is this due to using a substitute rep of the box in the simplified rep? How do I get past this? It's not that big a deal to refilter, but so far I have noticed it on two drawings I have created today and would like to figure out how to not have this problem and to save on refiltering every drawing created from this assembly.

Thank you.