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Filling in hollows


New member
Does anyone know the best method for filling in hollows? Most of my bridge contains hollowed sections, but in some parts, the hollows are filled in. I want to use a sweep to create the whole bridge with the hollows, then split the bridge whereever there are hollows. Lastly, fill in the hollows to make some of the subsections solid. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


New member
Is it a solid or surface?

If its solid you could use tweak>replace in the areas that you want to fill in.

I cant picture what you are making so this may not be what you are looking for.



New member
why cant u make surface out of the sweep cuts .close the surface and then fill surface this may be a bit tedious but this will serve your purpose na


1 make surface out of existing sweeps

2 close the surface where required

3 merge surface to obtain the closure

4 fill surface

will it work for u



New member
surface copy of inside surfs.(hollows)

copy end surfs and use the fill loop option.

merge them.

create solid from quilt.

you will have to do this once for each hollow.



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