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File Trail


New member
How Do I transfer the file trail in file *.prt. I think that the file serve for backup (or not).

Thanks in advance

Andre Almieda
Hello Pro/e user

I dont know if somebody can save the trail file in *.prt extension and i cannot understand the purpose of something like that.

If you want to back up ur model just create a backup (File, Back up)
trail file is to recover your work you have done in one proe session if you forgot to save it on your hard disk and also you exited from proe.

proe always make a trail file of your whole work that you have done in proe.

you can recover your parts by running trail file within the proe.

The command is under utilities

before running this command open the trail file in notepad and delete last 2-3 lines in which exit command is written.

the chances of recovering your whole work is 50%


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