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File MPEG From Mechanism


New member
Hi I have the following problem when I try to generate a mpeg file from a pro/e mechanism: the resultant file play for only 1-2 seconds even if the original mechanism motion did play for 40 or more seconds( I refer to the time duration value). So the result is that the motion is very very quick!There is someone that can help me, which is my error?

TIA Alberto
Pro/mechanism creates files with 24 FPS (frames/second) setting, Windows Media Player will sometimes skip frames in order to maintain the 24 FPS playback rate and there are no user options to slow down the playback or play all frames whereas some of the other players do allow this. Knowing this fact however, you can create animations such that you have roughly 24 x N frames where N=the number of seconds you want the animation to last.



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