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File copying from Unix to WinXP Server


New member
I am in the process of moving all of the pro-e files from a Unix machine to a new windows server. Is their certain steps that I should take before doing this because I know that when dealing with assemblies if the search paths change the assemblies will not come up the same thing goes for the drawings. Just looking for some good info before moving the files.

Thank You


There are a lot of different issues here. What release of Pro? Are you using Intralink?

I suspect you are not using intralink because of the search path question. We do not use Intralink either so we have a config.pro in every directory with any special searchpaths needed for the objects in that directory. I edited all those search paths so that they are relative paths from the working directory. For example:

search_path ../../4003

That goes up 2 levels and then down to the 4003 directory. That way I could pick the whole directory structure up and move it to a cheasy operating system that thinks capital letteres are the only way to name top level drives.

How are you moving the files and how do you have them saved in Unix? When I moved ours, they were stored 100% ascii on the Unix box, release 20 format. I went from the Unix server to a Win2000 workstation running NFS software and then to the Win2000 server. The NFS software automatically performed the Unix to DOS ascii conversion. I'm not sure what to do if you have them stored binary or in the current format which seems to be an ascii header with binary data.


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When i moved our files from Unix to Win2000 server I used ftp to make a direct transfer of files by drag and drop thefiles from unix folders to Win2000 drive C with same folder names. I just edit the config.pro after opening Pro/E in Win2000 to change the searchpath directories by just adding C: to the searchpath directories since I transfer the filesto same folder names. It works fine with me without any problem with assemblies.
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I just finished a similar transfer,I have some in Intralink but still some left not in. I kept the structure the same by using FTP (previous post) to copy the entire directory structure over with the files, than all I needed to do was do a add/replace in some of the search paths in wordpad to get them all correct.