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File Conversion


New member
I was wondering if there was anyway to convert a Professional Edition part to an Educational Edition Part.

I am working on a FSAE racecar design at school. I found a Pro/e model of a Honda CBR600f4 engine, but I can't use it because it was created using the Professional version. Is there any hope?
I guess you don't have access to the professional version,but in case you do, here is one option.

save the files in neutral format using the professional version. you'll be able to open them with the student version as neutral files. The problem is that you won't be able to redefine the part, you'll only be able to add features to it such as holes and rounds, etc.....
I found the part you're talking about on a website. It is just a rough representation of the outside of the engine with no internal part design. I don't know if you actually need to design the engine from scratch, if it is the case, then this file is absolete.....

Still if you need it, I'll be more than happy to save it as a neutral format and send it to you....

good luck...
Ill be more than glad to help you.....The units are in US units, do you want them converted ?

here is my email : jules_4791

just email me so I could send you the file.....


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