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Few more queries abt .pts and .ibl files ?


New member

first of all a big thanks for extending help to me. I made a .pts file and of the profile point sand tried to import it to make datum points but it says no points found in file !!... my file is in following format..

0.366 -2.17 7.683

0.152 -5.274 7.848

-3.964 -8.055 3.323

-3.767 -8.242 3.283

-4.089 -8.007 2.362



then i created a test file with whole nos as follows

1 1 1

2 4 8

3 9 27

and it worked.. can any one tell me whats worng i did in creating .pts file out of the points i have or there is something more which i have to do.

thanks once again


It seems somewhere in the total number of points u have entered may be u have gone wrong like avoided a space, or entered an illegal character!! check it ot carefully coz I copied the same points u have specified and it gave me the points. so do check it out again.



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