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Yes, you need a Pro/MECHANICA license. If you open a part and then select 'Applications' and 'Mechanica' you will see if you have a license or not.

You will need to get the right version to match Pro/E and I think it is best to run without Intralink.

best of luck!


Do you know if it will work with the student version of Pro/E and Pro/Mechanica?


Gary Osterholt

I don't think the models are interchangeable between the student edition and the commercial edition.

If the two are not compatable you might be able to export the model and import it to standalone Mechanica.

You can get Pro/E Student Edition AND Pro/M Student Edition as a bundle for US$150 from

However, I believe the SE files are not compatible with full commercial licences.

Well worth a look!
Thanks Guys,

Here's the thing.

I have the Student Version of both already. Version 2001.

Both are installed.

When I click the FEM Mode tab, and the Structure.

It says go to the website.

Do I have to buy something else?


Gary Osterholt
I think the FEM tab is for Pro/Mechanica in INDEPENDENT mode, which is NOT included in the SE bundle. (In the commercial package, this lets you manually build meshes, as well as various other advanced options not included in Integrated Mode, which is all you get in SE.)

To perform a stress analysis, the steps are:

a) Switch to Mechanica | Structural (or Thermal, or whatever type of analysis you want to perform).

b) Define material properties, loads, constraints, etc

c) Set up the analysis or Design Study that you want to run, then analyse, and go to Results.

All steps are undertaken inside the Pro/Engineer user interface.

I strongly suggest you go through the Pro/Mechanica Tutorial that you should have received on a separate CD-ROM with the SE bundle. This will take you through several good examples.

Hope this helps.


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