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Feature suppressed after Regenerating Generic Model


New member
Does anyone know why features are being suppressed after regenerating the generic model. The feature was created in an instance model of the generic model. However, whenever I resume the feature it gives the message Resuming instance features has only temporary effect. Then after regenerating the feature becomes suppressed again automatically. Is it something in the config settings?
No I'm sorry I cannot. This is proprietory information. Do you have any idea of why this happens or is there a config option I do not have set correctly?
Check your family table and make sure the instance is set to Y (yes) for that feature. When you create a feature in an instance, Pro adds it to the generic family table but makes it suppressed for the generic and all instances except the one where the feature was created.
Let's say I have a forging under the generic model name A. Under A I have instances B, C and D. I also have a family created within B, C, and D. Under B I have instances BA, BC, and BD. Under C, I have instances CA, CB, and CD. And the same for D. The generic model is a forging and we have many different versions of the machined forging. I have a feature created in BA that I would like suppressed in CB and a feature created in CB that takes its place so it will be suppressed in BA. I was trying to control this in the Family Table. Your right, everytime I create a feature in the instance BA it shows up in the family table of the generic A. I don't want that. I'm stumped.
If you are machining a lot of significantly different parts from the same forging it may be easier to use the Master Model Merge technique (R20, there are other techniques in the newer releases). That way your machined models don't interfere with each other. It can be a lot simpler to keep it all straight than family tables. If you need some models to use the same features you can make a UDF.
My issue right now is time. Everybody wants everything yesterday. I found it very quick to create detail drawings from the previously created detail drawings by using the View\DWG Models\Replace Model command in drawing mode. Can you do that with the master model merge? I do not have much experience with creating UDF's. That means all the machining that is built in to the drawings would be replaced by UDF's and separate machining drawings would need to be created for all the UDF's...correct?


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