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feature parameters in a symbol


New member
Just wondering if its possible to retrieve parameters from a feature in a model to a symbol. I can retrieve them in a note using :att_feat, but when I try this syntax in the symbol attributes area, the result is *** displayed on my symbol where the text should be. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Just you put the & symbol in front of the parameter? If not, try that. Otherwise, maybe @ will work for some things.


I tried it with the & symbol and without, and I just tried it with the @ symbol, with no success. I'm afraid it might be one of those things that seems like it should be possible, but just ain't. Thanks for the help.
The problem here is symbol itself does not contain model information.

What you may want to do is, in the symbol create a variable text (eg. \parameter value\)

Then go to modify symbol and put &model parameter value.
To clarify...

The symbol does contain variable text... \name\.

In the attributes section of the symbol, I am typing &paramname:att_feat.

Basically, what I want the symbol to do is display the value of a feature parameter in an existing model... the feature is a coordinate system. The symbol is attached to the coord sys, so it should display. By the way, when I attach a note with a leader to this feature, and type in the exact same text.. &paramname:att_feat, the value of the parameter is displayed correctly. As mentioned earlier, in the symbol I get the *** result. Thanks for the responses.


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