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Feature Highlight


New member
I use 2 versions of 2001, one @ work, [email protected] home

On the home one when I move the mouse arrow over a feature in part and a part in an assembly a highlight appears in the screen area. the one @ work does not.

How can I turn this on and possibly alter the time delay

Any advice gratefully received

A Craig

[email protected]


New member
Is the highlight or the screen tool tip missing? If the preselect highlight isn't on check to see if there's a config option prehighlight set to no. If the tool tip is missing, dunno, might be a graphics card thing.

(This is applicable to WF. Don't know if applicable to 2001. Might try searching Help for preselect.)


New member
The tool tip on the screen is missing.

Can't see that it could be a graphics card problem

The oridinary highlights in the menu tree work OK


New member
I'm not sure that the graphics window tooltips are related to anything happening in menus or the model tree, so the graphics card assumption may not be valid. I have no idea though.

You are aware that the tool tip info is also displayed on the status bar?