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Fatigue Analysis with increased temperature


New member
Is it possible to run a fatigue analysis at an increased temperature? In other words lets say a lever needs to withstand 100,000 cycles at 105 degrees F, can Mechanica run that? If you have a answer you can respond or email me @ [email protected]. Thanks.

Luis Aguirre

New member
I think Mechanica can should be able to do it. It should treat the thermal loads as any other load. Therefore, First you must run a static analysis with a thermal load and set the reference temperature to the initial temperature. The model temperature should be set to 105 degrees F. Run the analysis to calculate the stress due to the thermal temperature. Use the static analysis to run your fatigue analysis.



New member
I'm still a little confused. Do I have to run each analysis sepeartely or can I run both of the analysis at the same time?


New member
me too facing the same problem whenever m running the the fatigue analysis with temperature loads in it the analysis is failing and the error is fatigue analysis cannot be performed because temperature loads are present in it. what to do now? can any one suggest any alternative...


Why would you not just put in the material properties at 105 degrees F and run a normal fatigue analysis?


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