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Fast slash at last


New member
Hi; How much coding would it take to include the slash as a possible default dimension arrowhead (together with open, closed and filled) in the drawing config options?

When you keepa paper record of your designs in small format, substituting arrowheads for slashes becomes an absolute necessity. At present, everytime you draw a dim you have to go back in and change each arrowhead separately and it takes a lot of keypresses. And you start to develop a sort of low key loathing towards the guys who develop these tools.

If at least you could group-select a bunch of dimensions and specify the type of arrowhead it would save us many man hours. How come that is not possible? Is there a workaround? How come mapkeys don't register the command sequence for specifying the arrowheads? Can that be fixed? Is there anything else I ought to try?