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family tables


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What the best method of incorporating both the generic name plus a dimensional value and then the rest of the instances name plus dimensional value. Also excluding some of the instances in the table. When using a repeat region, it adds everything that is in the family tables. I can


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table/repeat region/filter

to remove an instance

&fam.inst.name == instance

to remove a parameter

&fam.inst.param.name == name

It's basicly the same as using relations.

to keep everything but use !=

you can also use *name* to include/exclude everything with a common name.


Suppose you have a 2d repeat regin as i described in my article :


and you have the following result :

View attachment 206

then Table > Repeat Regions > Filters > select the repeat region > add > and enter one by one the following filters :

&fam.inst.param.name != material

&fam.inst.param.name != number_drawing

&fam.inst.param.name != paper

as you can see below this now the result of your 2d repeat region table

View attachment 207



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Not sure if this is what you want but.. I have at times jumped from the family table into Excel and made changes there and Pro updates the table when you exit excel.