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Family tables vs. simplied Reps


New member
I am undertaking a new project that will be primarly an asm drill. by this i mean, just by changing a few part and sub asm i will have created an entirely new product. the major change invole going from a 24v product to a 48 volt product. since this will be primarly the same asm I was wondering If i should make the top level asm a family table or a simplied rep? the total asm has about 250 part.

How you would do this?


New member
For different configurations, use Family Tables at the top level of the assembly. Columns in an assembly family table include assembly-level dimensions, assembly-level features, and components.

How similar are the 24v and 48v products? If they're very similar-- just a matter of different features or dimensions in one versus the other-- you can create a Family Table of this component. If they're not very similar, you can create an Interchange Assembly consisting of both components.

Simplified Reps are a Large Assembly Management tool to customize how much data of certain components you're bringing into your computer's memory.